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Electric Words
Stewart Fist is one of Australia's leading technology writers. His work appears regularly in the specialised computer press and in leading newspapers. He writes a regular column, called 'Crossroads', in Tuesday editions of "The Australian". Selected Column Archives held at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's on-line site.

Microwave News
This journal covers the research worldwide as well as the debate over regulations that set safe EMR exposure standards. Be sure to visit their Microwave News EMF and EMR Internet Directory.

RCR News
This is an independently owned news source for the wireless industry. It carries accurrate stories on the health research, health effects liability cases, legislation at the federal level, and grassroots efforts.

EMF and Health Resources
Bener Digest Update, EMF Database and EMF Health Report
This site summarizes and discusses the results of key EMF bioeffects research published in a broad spectrum of professional journals. BENER Digest Update is a quarterly print publication. EMF Database is an electronic database distributed on CD-ROM and updated quarterly. Both publications provide detailed abstracts of EMF literature. EMF Health Report is a bimonthly newsletter which discusses critical research papers such as those referenced in an article by Foster and Moulder in the August 2000 issue of IEEE Spectrum. To identify additional publications related to cell phone safety, check out EMFcite which includes citations to the scientific literature on bioeffects of nonionizing radiation covering the spectrum from static magnetic and electric fields to radiofrequency radiation.

Bridlewood Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) Information Service
Bridlewood is one of the oldest and most comprehensive sites on this subject. They have an excellent bibliography.

British Medical Journal
Search for articles on Electromagnetic Fields. Also links directly to PubMed/MedLine.

California EMF Program - Fact Sheets on electromagnetic radiation exposures in the home, school, and workplace as well as information on EMR research findings.
Also see: An Evaluation of the Possible Risks From Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMFs) From Power Lines, Internal Wiring, Electrical Occupations and Appliances
. - The Risk Evaluation analyzes the potential human health risks of magnetic field exposure. Specifically, this document provides an evaluation of the animal, laboratory and human evidence that shows how exposure to 50/60 Hz magnetic fields may or may not increase human health risks. The Risk Evaluation is based on the results of published research studies, with emphasis on new studies, the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) Working Group Report, and the results of the California EMF Program Studies.

EMF RAPID - Electric and Magnetic Fields Research and Public Information
This Dissemination Program was directed by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), a branch of the National Institute of Health (NIH). The program studied the possibility of a link between powerline EMF exposures and cancer.

Environmental Health Clearinghouse
The Environmental Health Clearinghouse is sponsored by Information Ventures, Inc. This site provides substantive information and key documents on a variety of environmental health issues. The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences' EMF Infoline is no longer responding to inquiries from the general public for information about possible health effects associated with exposure to electric and magnetic fields. Federal government support for the program ceased at the end of 1998. Currently, no U.S. federal government agency program exists to provide the public with substantive information and answers to questions about electric and magnetic fields.

Alasdair Phillips' Powerwatch was established in 1988 to help people learn more about electromagnetic fields and how these affect health, and also to promote the responsible and efficient use of power (especially as the UK Government has announced permission for more gas-fired power stations), though this web-site concentrates on the health effects issues. We are now surrounded by man-made Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) millions times higher than the natural background ones due to our use of electricity, radio, TV, and microwaves. We believe that the research now shows there is an association between exposure to EMFs and adverse health effects in people and animals." Here is Alasdair Philips' chart comparing RF exposure guidelines.

Wave Guide
Our bodies function with subtle electro-chemical messages and processes that we are only just beginning to understand. It is absolute arrogance to assert that we know these non-ionizing radiating technologies are safe." "In light of the scientific evidence, which shows serious effects at vanishingly small exposures, this assertion of safety based on scientific knowledge borders on misrepresentation; however, it is probably that a difference in how Physicists and Biologists view the Scientific Process is at the foundation of the scientific disagreement."

World Health Organization
Information on collaborating organizations, fact sheets, frequently asked questions and answers, meeting information, press releases, project information, publications, research agenda and databases, and training courses.

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