Video tapes of the conference titled “Cell Towers Forum, State of the Science/State of the


Law “ are now available.



Sponsored by the Berkshire-Litchfield Environmental Council and eight


other environmental organizations, the December, 2000 conference featured scientists, lawyers


and government officials to help educate communities about the complex subject of tower siting


beyond what the telecommunications industry portrays.



Featured speakers include: Dr. Carl Blackman, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Dr.


Robert Cleveland, U.S. Federal Communications Commission; Dr. Albert Manville, U.S. Fish &


Wildlife Service; Dr . Henry Lai, research professor, University of Washington Department of


Bioengineering; Dr. Andrew Marino, attorney and professor of bioelectromagnetics at Louisiana


State University School of Medicine; Dr. William Curry, former research physicist at Argonne


National Research Laboratories; Whitney North Seymour, Jr. of Landy & Seymour in New York


City; James Hobson, of Miller & Van Eaton of Washington, D.C.; Edward Barron, Deputy Chief


Counsel for U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy; Joel Rhinebold, Executive Director of the Connecticut


Siting Council; Jeff Anzevino, Regional Planner with Scenic Hudson Inc.; Mark Hutchins, a


radiofrequency engineer; Raymond Kasevich, senior scientist at KAI Technologies; Tony Blair,


Selectman, Great Barrington, MA; and B. Blake Levitt, author and former New York Times





The three-tape volume can be purchased for $90.00 at the Berkshire-Litchfield Environmental


Council, Box 552, Lakeville, CT 06039. Phone 860-435-2004 for information.