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R 11767-68 (2003) John Litz testifies as Vice Chairperson of Plan JeffCo in opposition to the supertower proposal. He points to the community votes in 1972, 1980, and 1998 which affirmed the goal of protecting open spaces and devoted tax money to that purpose.

R 6218-21 (1999) and R 11863-65 (2003) Jim Martin, analog electrical engineer for Lockheed Martin, testifies as president of the Mount Vernon Country Club Metropolitan District in opposition to the supertower proposal because of the increase in RF radiation levels. His 2003 testimony includes a PowerPoint presentation, “Children are at a Higher Risk to Electromagnetic Radiation.

R 6225-31 (1999) Kevin Groeneweg testifies as president of the Paradise Hills Homeowners Association. He has been a senior officer of several large investment advisor companies including the Janus Funds. He specializes in telecommunications projects. He testifies to point out the erroneous broadcaster testimony that asserted there are no alternate sites or other technologies to provide HDTV. He points out the already high levels of RF in the Lookout Mountain area and opposes taking an additional unnecessary risks.

R 11785-88 (2003) Brent Anderson testifies as director of the Stonebridge/Eagle Ridge Homeowners Association representing 232 residences. He opposes the supertower proposal out of concern for children’s health and property devaluation.

R 11723-25 (2003) Scott Coors testifies as representative for Panorama Estates Homeowners Association who oppose the supertower proposal because of the unknown health risk of long-term RF radiation exposure, RF interference with home electronics, property devaluation and aesthetics. His testimony includes a PowerPoint presentation.

R 6217-18 (1999) Colin Barton testifies as the vice president of the Genesee Foundation Board of Directors in opposition to the supertower proposal because it allows a growth in visual and electromagnetic radiation pollution.

R 6221-22 (1999) Jean Whidman testifies as president of the Panorama Estates Homeowners Association. They believe that Jefferson County has an obligation to act as responsible custodians of the unique visual resource of the face of the Rocky Mountain uplift.

R 11776-77 (2003) Charles Cuchiara represents the Tripp Ranch Homeowners Association that opposes the supertower proposal. They assert that the health and well being of the constituent voters must take precedent over the special big money commercial interests that have proposed the supertower.

R 6060-61 (1999) Jon DeStefano testifies as President of the Jefferson County Board of Education. He asserts that unless there is conclusive proof of no harm to the well being of the area school children from increased RF exposure from the supertower, an alternative site should be found.

R 6083-85 (1999) Maria Fulinwider testifies as President of Ralston Elementary School PTA in opposition to the supertower proposal to protect the health of the area schoolchildren.

R 6085-87 (1999) Karen Barker testifies as a former television news broadcaster and parent of school children. She reports on a survey of parents of Ralston School students concerning enrollment of their children should the proposed HDTV supertower be constructed.

R 6088-6090 (1999) Roberta Bolton (1999) testified as a parent and President of Shelton Elementary PTA in opposition to the supertower proposal.

R 11693-95 (2003) Sister Bernadette Casciano is a resident from the Mother Cabrini Shrine. She lists the interference problems experienced at that historic site with its gates and garage doors as well as for visitors’ car doors, motorized wheelchairs, and health devices. The Shrine hosts 150,000 visitors each year at the museum and for retreats.

R 6276-77 (1999) Gary Redish testifies as the executive pastor at Lookout Mountain Community Church. He describes the RF interference problems with the church sound system and the expense of mitigation measures for the new church which is under construction. He voices concern about the number of families in the congregation who are considering moving if the supertower is built.

R 11883-85 (2003) Sonia Carney is a former resident of Lookout Mountain who is a graduate student in cancer research. She points out that nothing is absolute in science and that in a research study, no result does not equal a negative result. No proof doesn’t mean that something is not going to happen. She opposes the supertower proposal until the results of the Colorado State University study are known.

R 11872-74 (2003) Alfred Cooper is a resident who points out companies and universities who have implemented more stringent RF exposure protection standards that those from the FCC. He urges the county commission to err on the side of caution.

R11938-39 (2003) Sandy Barrett is a resident to testifies about birth defects her son has suffered and other birth defects and miscarriages in her neighborhood.

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