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R 6157-67 (1999), R 100630-40 (1999) and R 11673-93 (2003) Alfred Hislop, MSEE, is a radiofrequency engineer with thirty years experience in RF and microwaves, including 15 years experience at the Naval Ocean System Center. He testifies for CARE and reports on the extensive RF measurements he performed throughout the Lookout Mountain neighborhoods and the calculations for the proposed increases if the supertower is constructed there. He testifies on the errors in the measurements recorded by the broadcasters’ RF measurement expert as well as submitting a letter to the county planning commissioners documenting errors in the broadcasters’ RF expert’s measurement report. In his own work as an RF engineer, Mr. Hislop has developed equipment that is sending the signal back from deepest space on the probe that is mapping the universe. His 2003 testimony includes a PowerPoint presentation.

R 11696-11704 (2003) Dan Wilkinson testifies for CARE as an electrical engineer with thirteen years experience in RF projects. He testifies for CARE that there are alternate sites available. His testimony includes a PowerPoint presentation.

R 11893-95 (2003) Ann Felteau is an Electrical Engineer with ten years experience in telecommunications and direct broadcast satellites. She concurs with the testimony of Al Hislop that should the supertower be constructed, the RF levels will decrease in the quadrant with 304 residences and will increase in the other three quadrants where there are 1,936 residences.

R 6077-81 (1999), and R 11664-67 (2003) Gary Olhoeft, PhD, Professor of Geophysics, Colorado School of Mines, testifies on the extensive RF interference with the academic program at the Schools of Mines and the resulting mitigation costs to the school and concerns about health effects to the student body and faculty. His 2003 testimony concludes with a quotation from Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields: Mechanisms, Modeling, Biological Effects, Therapeutic Effects, International Standards, Exposure Criteria, Springer Verlag, 2003, first edition, author Peter Stavroulakis with contributions from the U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, and U.S. Navy and a summary from the World Health Organization:

There is more than sufficient evidence of chromosome aberration, DNA strand breakage, altered oncogene activity and neoplastic transformations of cells to conclude that EMR across the spectrum from ELF to RF/MW is genotoxic. This is independently confirmed by the established biological mechanism of calcium ion efflux and melatonin reduction. Genotoxic substances cause cancer, reproductive health effects and neurological damage.

R 11802-03 (2003) Yaoguo Li is an associate professor of geophysics at the Colorado School of Mines and a resident of Golden, Co. He testifies that the RF interference problems at the school render their research data unusable which results in a loss of students and of research funding.

R 6081-83 (1999) Bob Crowder, manufacturer of high-tech geophysical equipment for ground water and mineral exploration, testifies as a local businessman experiencing RF interference effects on his ability to conduct his business and on product development.

R 6260-6263 (1999) and R 11736-42 (2003) Dave Vennitti, electrical engineer, testifies on the potential for serious unintended consequences of increased RF interference with medical equipment and local existing industry. His 2003 testimony includes a PowerPoint presentation.

R11874-75 (2003) Richard Over, has been a Lookout Mountain resident since 1953 and past president of the Panaroma Estates Homeowners Association. He worked as an audiovisual technician at Denver Community College. He testifies about the tape duplication business he started at his home that failed due to RF interference despite his efforts to mitigate the problem. He reports that seven neighbor families have had cancer.

R 6199-6201 (1999) and R11667-73 (2003) Andy Beck is an architect whose 25-year career has been spent designing environmentally sensitive buildings for the National Park Service. He testifies as a Lookout Mountain resident who has survived skin cancer and lymphoma and also as a consultant on compatible environmental architectural design. His 2003 testimony concludes that because of the scale and mass of the supertower proposal it is doubtful that it could meet the criteria of the Central Mountains Community Plan.

R 6167-72 (1999) Les Larsen is a resident of Goldon CO who testifies as a professional telecommunications consultant encouraging the county commissioners to look at reasonable economic alternatives such as fiber optic technology.

R 11860-62 (2003) Ella Lyons is a homeowner and a biostatistician who works on research in the health field. She is also a scientific member of two institutional review boards whose purpose is to protect the human research participant from potentially harmful risk. In 1994 before purchasing her home she reviewed the health literature that was available. There was no talk of a supertower proposal at that time. In 2002 she moved to another residence and has not been able to sell her home on Lookout Mountain. She opposes the new tower proposal on health grounds as well as the effects of added noise from new generators on homeowners and the wildlife.

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