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R 11931-32 (2003) Raweewan Hoontrakoon MD is a pediatrician and allergist who completed a residency at the Mayo Clinic and completed a fellowship in allergies and immunology at the National Jewish Research Center in Denver. Dr. Hoontrakoon was principal investigator on the thimerosal-free vaccination trials dealing with autism causation in children. Dr. Hoontrakoon states that in America risk-benefit analysis for public health allows no risk to innocent children when an alternative is available.

R 11658-59 (2003) Ross Wilkins, MD is an orthopedic oncologist and past-president of the Musculoskeletal Tumor Society. His testimony challenges the assumption of no harm from non-thermal RF exposures.

R 6058-60 (1999) John Witwer, MD is a practicing physician at Lutheran Medical Center serving as chairman of the Department of Radiology, member of the board of directors, and president of the medical staff. Dr. Witwer is also State Representative in the Colorado legislature for the Lookout Mountain community. He urges the county commission to allow no increase in the RF environment on Lookout Mountain.

R 6094-6099 (1999) George Pardos, MD ophthalmologist, addressed his testimony to the 1992 Kues study on increased sensitivity of the primate eye to RF radiation when treated with a common glaucoma medication. His testimony includes a PowerPoint presentation..

R 6100-08 (1999) John Reif, PhD is Professor and Chairman of the Department of Environmental Health, Colorado State University. He is a former member of the Colorado Board of Health and former President of the Larimer County Board of Health. He has been awarded two grants for studies on the health effects of electromagnetic fields from the Department of Energy and the National Institutes of Health. His testimony addresses his own research on melatonin suppression following exposure to 60 Hertz electromagnetic fields and how it relates to RF radiation exposure research. His testimony includes a PowerPoint presentation.

R 11820-11821 (2003) Jim Maller, PhD professor of pharmacology at Colorado University Medical School and investigator at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute has published numerous papers on the cell cycle in cancer biology. He testifies in opposition to the super-tower proposal based on his knowledge and research in molecular biology.

R 6270-6274 (1999) Rommel Noufi PhD in physics and chemistry, is a scientist at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, CO. He asserts that exposure standards become stricter with time as more is learned about biologic interactions and that there is no acceptable level of risk when it comes to children.

R 6172-76 (1999) Shirley Olinger nuclear engineer, testifies on the differences between Soviet/Russian and US radiation exposure standards and points out that US standards are less protective. She urges a prudent avoidance approach to RF safety.

R 11866-67 (2003) Penny Clarke is an electrobiologist and health physician and Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado working on human trials in the treatment of brain cancer. She calls attention to R 3837, the exhibit letter submitted by University of Colorado Health Sciences Center Department of Radiation Oncology cancer experts who oppose the new tower. She asserts that the county commission would take the advice and expertise of these experts is seeking cancer treatment, therefore, their advice on preventing harm should also be heeded.

R11868-69 (2003) Murray Wynes, PhD in immunology from Colorado University, lives 7,500 feet away in a direct line from the current towers. His testimony points out that physicians such as Dr. Frankel and Dr. Kelley would not put their reputations on the line in sworn testimony unless there is a valid health concern.

R 11898-99 (2003) Hugh McIsaac, PhD in biology, teaches at the University of Denver lives near Shelton Elementary School. He opposes the tower proposal based on the testimony of members of the medical community pointing to increased health risks.

R6256-57 (1999) Eddie Alianiello is a researcher at Colorado University Medical Center and a Lookout Mountain resident. He presents a sketch of an informal analysis he did of the radiation exposure to the various census blocks in the Department of Health cancer inventory. His conclusion is that Lookout Mountain’s cancer rate in that inventory has been underestimated.

R 6251-52 (1999) Donald Patton works for the US EPA’s National Enforcement Investigation Center. His testimony supports those who oppose the super-tower proposal.

R 6150-57 (1999) Donald D’Antuno is a Lookout Mountain resident. His testimony addresses the RF interference problems with hearing aids, pacemakers, and electronic wheelchairs in the Lookout Mountain area as well as with businesses, residences and the Colorado School of Mines.

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